Thursday, 18 September 2014

First Impressions [University of Zurich]

So, long time no blog! Everything is a bit crazy at the moment and this is actually the first time that I was able to sit down (given it was still in the University) and wirte. A lot and nothing has happened in the past week, but nonetheless I have been extremely busy.
First things first: I have finally started with my university course. I am studying Publication and Communication Sciences with a Minor in Management and Economics. I have had a lot of lectures this week, had to look for buildings and lecture halls and what not!
The University here is huge, and when I say huge I mean REALLY huge. The first thing that is ridiculously confusing and stressful as a newbie is that the University is split into different buildings, which are spread in 3 different parts of town. Crazy, I know! So that means that in the 15 minutes between every lecture, I am hectically running around trying not to get lost in the building, let alone in the city! The University of Zurich has a total of 27'000 students (without counting the ones at the ETH Zurich) and my faculty consists of over 10'000, so you can imagine how many people I see and meet a day. It is actually a lot more difficult to socialise than I thought it was going to be. Given it is only the 4th day today and I might have a few too many expectations, but I think it is difficult to klick with people. We sit in a lecture, in which no one talks anyway and then we have to run to the next one where there are new people again, so you don't really spend that much time with the same ones. But I guess that is all part of it and as I said before, it has only been 4 days.
I think I am spoiled with my friends I have back in my home town and I think I expect just a little bit too much at the moment.
However, lectures are great! So interesting and I am really glad I chose this course. I think the minor will also give me more of an insight into publication and communication from a business point of view, which I think is very important as the two topics go hand in hand.
I am also currently working and the girls I have met at work are gorgeous. They are such lovely girls and I am really happy to have met them. The one even lives in the same area as I do, which is pretty cool. So luckily enough I get to know more and more people who live here and who share same interests.
One thing that is a bit difficult is that actually half the people who go to Univeristy here don't actually live in Zurich but at least 45min to 1.5h away. This makes it, again, more difficult to find people to hang out with who live in a similar or close area.

I'm very sorry for this text-heavy post but I had to get rid off some of my thoughts. Let me know how your uni experience (or highschool, college etc) was and whether I am just expecting waaaaaaay too much from the first week.
To balance out the text, here are a few pictures of my gorgeous University.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Gatsby's Living Room? [colour scheme]

As you might have guessed, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time figuring out the colour scheme for each room. I think accent colours are so important and can transform a room completely. Whether you use green or red or blue, it can even change your whole mood.
So here is a little list of what colours I have gone for in which room, starting with the living room:

The living room is such an important space for me. Not only do I procrastinate in there by watching one TV show after the other, but it is also a cosy place to hang out with my loved ones. I wanted to create a space that is light and cosy. The light was already sorted out by there being one large window and a very large glass door that leads onto the big balcony. 
My dad has given me a very cool, matt golden floor lamp which is one reason why one of the accent colours is gold. The sofa (which hasn't arrived yet) will be a cream colour and behind the sofa we will hang a gold framed mirror. I think this room will probably be the most IKEA inspired room, but's great value for money and they've got so many different designs that it is impossible NOT to find something. The coffee table, which is a very important center piece for me, will be also IKEA and it will be a great way to display some of my fun books. I think it is so cosy when people can sit on your sofa, have a coffee and grab a book that will also be a conversation starter.
Apart from gold and cream, I have also gone for a turquoise/green-ish colour. I think it is such a lively colour but wouldn't make you feel nervous like a bright red or orange could. And I think it's a great contrast to the cream and gold. This turquoise-y-green-y colour will probably be found in pillows, little blankets, plants, candles etc. and will be changed up every once in a while, making the living room an ever changing space.

mirror that will go horizontally above the sofa

coffee table on which fun books can be displayed perfectly

Once the sofa, the coffee table etc etc. have actually arrived, I will post 'real life' pictures of what the living room will look like. And for those of you who are wondering: no the colour scheme was not inspired by the Great Gatsby, although I would not mind having his living room!

Ilia x

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Okay, hello! I am still (if barely) alive...moving really kills and I have definitely underestimated the process of choosing and buying new furniture. 
On an update: I have got my kitchen and bathroom (almost) sorted, my TV and WiFi will work as of next Monday but we still haven't got any chairs or a sofa for the living room! We were able to put an older one into the guestroom/office, on which we have to sit to eat. But at least that room is coming together and I am happy that my boyfriend and I are agreeing on the decor and style we are going for (definitely not an obvious thing). I hope to get a post up about the kitchen and/or bathroom on Friday and will leave you with a tiny sneak peek of the guest-sofa-bed! 
Ilia x

Not quite finished yet but hey, it's a start. 

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Coffee Talk [appreciation time]

I have lived in the same city my whole life and have had the same bunch of friends for the longest time. I can count them on one hand and I know they're the best people I could have ever wished for! And moving to a different city is all fun and games until you realise that you won't see that bunch of crazy people as often as you'd like...
I have met my one childhood friend today and it was splendid. I have known her since forever (we lived in the same house growing up) and knowing that we won't be able to have spontaneous 'come-over-and-watch-kick-it-like-beckham-for-the-100th-time' nights anymore made me really sad. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to making new friends and exploring a new city but it is still sad to think that me and my girls will be far apart. And I know skype and facetime are excellent but they can't imitate hugs, can they?
So all I wanted to say with this post is to cherish your loved ones and make the best out of it:

1. Send letters - finally you have got a reason why to send and receive long, handwritten letters! You keep in touch and who doesn't love to open the letter box and to find something else but bills

2. You can show them around - it's great to explore a new place and when your bff comes to visit, you can show him/her all the cosiest cafés and coolest bars!

3. Have dinner parties and pamper yourselves - now that we are so-called grown ups, it is time to throw themed dinner parties. Cook together and spend the whole weekend doing girly stuff and enjoying every minute even more

4. Meet new people - being distant from your usual friend group forces you to step out of your comfort zone! Make new friends, enjoy the initial awkwardness and don't make the mistake of being glued to your phone texting your friends at home while you hang out with new people!

I hope these 4 tips have helped... They have definitely helped me to get over my premature homesickness!

Ilia x

Monday, 1 September 2014

Paper Attack [administrational mess]

Moving is fun, tiring but fun! It's nice to go through all the things and packing them neatly into the boxes and seeing how step-by-step the rooms empty out.
However, I absolutely despise sorting out all my papers. It's incredible what has accumulated over time, incredible but true. Bank statements, tax papers, forms and, and, and....
So today was the day that I sorted through everything, put everything into nice folders so they are ready to go. It is definitely a pain in the a***, but it is so worth it! Now I have got all my card info, my tax forms, my paychecks in folders, which are in my 'administration' box.
If you're moving, don't leave that stuff too long cause once you've done it, you can lean back and enjoy the fun parts of moving!
I apologise for the short posts but so much is going on right now, that once we'll have everything in the new apartment I'll be able to blog all fun decor/life organisation things!

THE MESS (featuring Estée from

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Wish List [aka. apartment inspiration]

More than ever I find myself browsing on the internet, reading blogs and scrolling through pinterest for interior decoration ideas. My apartment isn't that big (57m2 divided into 3 rooms, 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom) so I am all about finding practical solutions to avoid cluttering the spaces and making the rooms look airy and big. It helps that the walls are white and the floor a light parquet, and that the windows are large.

Yet, this whole blog-pinterest-tumblr-searching has one MASSIVE downfall: I want to have it all. Pinterest is probably the worst as the tags interior, decor, apartment, and design throw you into a world of perfection.

Here is a little (or large) list of websites and pictures that have inspired me, what websites inspire you?



taken from

taken from

taken from

Monday, 25 August 2014

IKEA [hell or heaven]

We all know it, the IKEA-phenomenon. You go in, usually in the early morning, all hyped up and ready to look at all their fancy furniture, plants and devices. But when you come out it is as if you had been to Askaban and been kissed by a dementor: angry, sad, empty and in need of chocolate!

As I will be moving soon, a trip to IKEA is basically inevitable. Their value for money is usually great and since my budget is rather small (tiny) I have to make sure to buy affordable things that are not going to break after a one time use. YET this time I want to make sure that my trip to IKEA will not be an episode of frustration and impulse-buying, but a succsessful journey to delight and happiness!

Now, this tip might seem obvious to everyone (it actually does to me as well) but thinking about it, I have never made a list - completed with prices - when I went to an IKEA store. I know, I love making lists of things and it's the BEST thing to do when food shopping, but for some reason I have never done it when going to IKEA. So that is what I have been doing. I have written down all objects I need for each room (bathroom, kitchen, living room etc.) and have looked for them on the internet so I could complete my list with the prices to make sure that it is still within my budget. And not to have any horrible surprises when going to the check-out!

Once I went to IKEA I hope to haul a few of the things I got, to show what apartment-feel I am going for.

Ilia x